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 Lipidomics is that the large-scale study of pathways and networks of cellular supermolecules in biological systems[1][2][3] The word "lipidome" is employed to explain the entire lipid profile among a cell, tissue, organism, or scheme and may be a set of the "metabolome" that additionally includes the 3 different major categories of biological molecules: proteins/amino-acids, sugars and nucleic acids. Lipidomics may be a comparatively recent analysis field that has been driven by fast advances in technologies like mass spectrographic analysis (MS), nuclear resonance (NMR) chemical analysis, visible radiation chemical analysis, twin polarisation interferometry and procedure strategies, plus the popularity of the role of lipids in several metabolic diseases like fatness, coronary-artery disease, stroke, high blood pressure and polygenic disease. This speedily increasing field[4] enhances the large progress created in genetics and genetics, all of that represent the family of systems biology. Lipidomics analysis involves the identification and quantification of the thousands of cellular supermolecule molecular species and their interactions with different lipids, proteins, and different metabolites. Investigators in lipidomics examine the structures, functions, interactions, and dynamics of cellular lipids and therefore the changes that occur throughout perturbation of the system. Han and Gross[5] initial outlined the sector of supermoleculeomics through desegregation the precise chemical properties inherent in lipid molecular species with a comprehensive mass qualitative analysis approach. though lipidomics is underneath the umbrella of the additional general field of "metabolomics", lipidomics is itself a definite discipline because of the distinctiveness and practical specificity of lipids relative to different metabolites.  

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