Proteins square measure macromolecules fashioned by amino acids. Proteins square measure giant size molecules (macromolecules), polymers of structural units referred to as amino acids. a complete of twenty completely different amino acids exist in macromolecules and a whole bunch to thousands of those amino acids square measure hooked up to every alternative in long chains to make a protein. The four levels of macromolecule structure square measure distinguished from each other by the degree of quality within the peptide chain. one molecule could contain one or a lot of of the macromolecule structure types: primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structure Proteins square measure giant, advanced molecules that play several vital roles within the body. {they do|they square measure doing} most of the add cells and are needed for the structure, function, and regulation of the body's tissues and organs. ... Enzymes perform most of the thousands of chemical reactions that ensue in cells There square measure seven kinds of proteins: antibodies, contracted proteins, enzymes, secretion proteins, structural proteins, storage proteins, and transport proteins macromolecule is that the basic part of living cells and is created of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, atomic number 7 and one or a lot of chains of amino acids. The 3 kinds of proteins square measure fibrous, globular, and membrane    

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