Michaela Cellina

Keyvan Farahani
National Cancer Institute, Admin. Program Specialist, Cancer Imaging Program, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis, USA
Nihaal Reddy Kushkulla
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Pediatric Neuroradiology and Pediatric Radiology, Baltimore, USA
Sanjiv Sam Gambhir

Director, Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford Stanford University, USA
Giesel Frederik L

Department of Nuclear Medicine
University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany
Marco Fiore

Department of Anesthesiological

Surgical and Emergency Sciences, Italy
Francesco Loria

Dept of Radiology Palmi Hospital

Diagnostic Radiology - Radiation Oncology, Dirigente Medico Di I Livello
Fabio Presotto

Department of Medicine

Head of Internal Medicine Unit, Hospital dell'Angelo, Mestre-Venice, Italy
Ertan Sahin

Department of Nuclear Medicine
Namik Kemal University, Turkey
Khaled M Soliman

Medical Physics department
Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Consultant Medical Physicist, Saudi Arabia
Guenther J. Kraus

Section chief, Diagnosezentrum Urania, Laurenzerberg, Vienna, Austria
Tapas Kumar Sar

Dept. of Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology

N.Dhineksh Kumar

Edens Dental and Maxillofacial Hospital Pvt ltd, India
Rajul Rastogi

Department of Radiology

Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College & Research Center, India
Giovanni Maria Carlomagno

Emeritus Professor of Aerospace, Department of Industrial Engineering (DIAS)

Mechanical Engineering Universit√ degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II", Italy
Raimund Kleiser

Line imaging center, Institute of Neuroradiology, Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH, Neuromed Campus, Austria
Fazli Yanik, Assist. Prof. Dr.
Trakya University, Thoracic Surgery
Fathima Fijula Palot Manzil

Assistant Professor of Clincal Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicie
Bouguila Jed

Department of ENT

Maxillofacial Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery. La Rabta Hospital in Tunis-Tunisia
Hariom Gupta
Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Analytical Discipline and Centralized Instrument Facility (ADCIF) CSIR, India
Vyacheslav Kalchenko, MD, PhD, FRMS, Prof. H. C.

Advanced Light Microscopy, FGS Course Supervisor

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