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 The Textile Engineering may be a scientific application on diverse science and engineering principles. It is involved in the development of new bio compatible materials for artificial organs, blood vessels, tendons, or ligaments. Industrial Engineering & Management, Journal of fabric Sciences & Engineering, Modern Chemistry & Applications, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Textile Design: Databases & Journals, International Publisher of Science, Technology and Medicine. According to Webster, engineering is that the application of science and arithmetic by which the properties of matter and therefore the sources of energy in nature are made useful to man in structures, machines, products, systems, and processes. Webster's definition of textile: a cloth especially woven or knit cloth; a fiber, filament, or yarn utilized in making cloth. Of course, the Textile Institute's Textile Terms and Definitions carries the definition further, indicating that the term is now also applied to fibers, filaments, and yarns, natural or man-made, and to most products of which they're the principal staple . This definition includes, for example, threads, cords, ropes and braids, woven, knitted, and nonwoven fabrics, as well as other varieties of fibrous structures. The ambiguity of this issue title invites each contributing author to assess and review a host of combinations and permutations of the terms engineering and textiles.  

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