A nanostructure is a structure of transitional size amongst microscopic and molecular structures. Nano structural detail is microstructure at nanoscale. In relating nanostructures, it is essential to distinguish between the number of extents in the capacity of an object which are on the nanoscale. Nanotextured exteriors have one measurement on the nanoscale, i.e., only the viscosity of the superficial of an entity is between 0.1 and 100 nm. Nanotubes have two magnitudes on the nanoscale, i.e., the thickness of the tube is between 0.1 and 100 nm; its length can be far more. Lastly, sphere-shaped nanoparticles have three magnitudes on the nanoscale, i.e., the particle is between 0.1 and 100 nm in each altitudinal dimension. The terms nanoparticles and ultrafine units are frequently used although ultrafine units can reach into the micrometre range. The term nanostructure is frequently used when discussing to magnetic technology. Nanoscale structure in biology is often called ultrastructure. List of nanostructures are Gradient multilayer nanofilm, Nanocages, Icosahedral twins, Nanocomposite, Nanofiber, Nanohole and Nano fabrics.

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