Journal Of Toxicology

Toxicology may be a field of science that helps us understand the harmful effects that chemicals, substances, or situations, can wear people, animals, and therefore the environment. Some ask toxicology because the “Science of Safety” because as a field it's evolved from a science focused on studying poisons and adverse effects of chemical exposures, to a science dedicated to studying safety.Toxicology uses the facility of science to predict what, and the way chemicals may cause harm then shares that information to guard public health. When talking about toxicology it is important to keep a few things in mind.Not everyone will respond to substances in exactly the same way. Many factors, including the amount and duration of exposure, an individual’s susceptibility to a substance, and a person’s age, all impact whether a person will develop a disease or not. There are times in a person’s life when he or she may be more susceptible to chemicals. These times may include periods of active cell differentiation and growth in the womb and in early childhood, as well as during adolescence, when the brain is continuing to develop. Just because someone is exposed to a harmful substance, does not always mean they will get sick from it.    

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