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microbiology lab at the Faculty of Food Technology, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. To guarantee security of food items, microbiological tests, for example, testing for pathogens and deterioration creatures are required. Along these lines the danger of pollution under ordinary use conditions can be analyzed and food contamination episodes can be forestalled. Testing of food items and fixings is significant along the entire flexibly chain as potential blemishes of items can happen at each phase of production. Apart from recognizing decay, microbiological tests can likewise decide germ content, distinguish yeasts and molds, and salmonella. For salmonella, researchers are additionally creating quick and versatile advancements fit for distinguishing special variations of Salmonella . Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a brisk and reasonable technique to create quantities of duplicates of a DNA piece at a particular band ("PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)," 2008). Therefore, researchers are utilizing PCR to recognize various types of infections or microscopic organisms, for example, HIV and Bacillus anthracis dependent on their novel DNA designs. Different units are economically accessible to help in food pathogen nucleic acids extraction,[ PCR location, and differentiation. The recognition of bacterial strands in food items is critical to everybody on the planet, for it forestalls the event of food borne ailment. Along these lines, PCR is perceived as a DNA identifier so as to enhance and follow the nearness of pathogenic strands in various handled food.        

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