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 Family practice is that the medical science that provides continued and comprehensive health takes care of the individual and family. It's the specialty wide that integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioural sciences. The scope of family medicine encompasses all ages, both sexes, every organ system, and each illness entity.Family practice, conjointly referred to as {family medicine|family apply|medical practice} or general practice, field of drugs that stresses comprehensive primary health care, in spite of the age or sex of the patient, with special stress on the extended family.most commonly accessible kinds of medical apply|practics settings are  Solo Practice(apply while not partners or employment affiliations with alternative practice organizations),Group practices (these area units generally divided into single-specialty and multispecialty practices. The process characteristic of single-specialty apply is that the presence of 2 or a lot of physicians providing patients with one specific sort of care),Employed MD Practices( physicians area unit being utilized among one in every of many apply models)

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