Review Article - Clinical Investigation (2022) Volume 12, Issue 10

Sapiens Shield stops chronic disease in a population

Corresponding Author:
Andrew Hague
President of CellSonic Limited, United States
Received: 17-Oct-2022, Manuscript No fmci-22-80187; Editor assigned: 25-Oct-2022, PreQC No. fmci-22-80187 (PQ); Reviewed: 26-Oct -2022, QC No. fmci-22-80187 (Q); Revised: 27-Oct -2022, Manuscript No. fmci-22-80187 (R); Published: 29-Oct -2022; DOI: 10.37532/2041-6792.2022.12(10). 205-209


All humans and many other species get cancer. It happens daily. The body’s cells replicate on average every six weeks. With billions of cells, some of the new cells cannot befail to be exact copies of the previous cells. The new ones are different and are mutations we callare mutations that we call cancer. Survival of the species depends on removing the wrong cells and this is done by the immune system at night during proper sleep.


Immune system • Cancer • Sleep


Everyone gets cancer,cancer so the answer to the question of what causes cancer is that cancer is an inevitable consequence of being a homo sapiens. A better question would be what ceasesstops cancer from developing and the answer to that is the immune system. How then do some people develop cancer and some do not?

Those with a good immune system will have been able to find and kill the cancer cells whilst they are asleep. The person is asleep, not the immune system. The cell mutations occur during the day as a normal process in everyone and the facultyfaulty cells are detected automatically at night so that the next morning a healthy person wakes up and the process continues.

The cause of cancer can thus be said to be anything that prevents the immune system from finding and killing the cancer cells. One night’s bad sleep does not leadis insufficient to lead to tumorstumours growing because the following night, after missing a night’s sleep, should be a chance to catch up on the hours of sleep lost and let the immune system do its job. It is when the immune system is continuously disturbed that the mutant cells are ignored. They can eventually form a cluster big enough to be called a tumortumour, and and that is harder for the immune system to eradicate.

In this modern age, when a person discovers they have cancer, they will have had it for ten or fifteen years or more, and only when the tumorstumours are big enough to cause pain does the person seek help. By then,then it can be too late for the doctor with a scalpel and a degree in biochemistry to do anything useful. They can cut out the tumortumour which always lets cancer cells travel through theopened blood vessels to other organs and they can try poisoning the cancer cells and this always also poisons healthy cells. Some form of chemotherapy is used. Another trick is to aim nuclear radiation at the tumor,tumour but there the risk is that the radiation causes cancer. In other words, the existing medical establishment does not have a cure for cancer.

With cell replication being a normal, daily process, it is strange that medical systems and billions of dollars given to cancer charities for about a hundred years have failed to cure something that is normal. The explanation lies in the history of medicine. Let’s go back further than history to the formation of the planets, to before life began.

Earth was spun off the sun, we believe. Above the earth, an atmosphere formed and above that at a height of 60 miles or 100 kilometerskilometres is the ionosphere. My mathematics teacher in Bradford in England over 60 years ago told us about a famous scientist from Bradford called Edward Appleton who had studied the ionosphere in 1924 and described it in such a way that part of it is called the Appleton layer. His work helped the invention of radar. 60 years later, I remember Appleton and worry about all the other lessons at school which are long since forgotten and may now be important. Learning is easier when we have an immediate use offor the knowledge. As a schoolboyschool boy, the relevance of a phenomenon 60 miles up in the sky to cancer meant nothing to me and I doubt that Sir Edward Appleton himself saw a connection to cancer

In 1952, Otto Schumann in Germany calculated that the radiation to earth from the Appleton layer is 7.83 hertz. This radiation is now called the Schumann Resonance. It has affected the earth forever and all life has evolved in its presence. Astronauts sent into space above the ionosphere felt ill because they did not have the 7.83-hertz frequency beaming at them. NASA made a little gadget to artificially generate 7.83 hertz in the space ship and then the astronauts were alright. I felt this deprivation a few years ago at Bradford University when I went into their research chamber that blocked off the sound and electricfield radiation and within a few minutes knew something was wrong. I went outside into the laboratory and my senses returned to normal. We depend on the electrical field because we are electrically sensitive. The electrical properties of our cells are fundamental to survival [1].

That the medical establishment seems unaware of the electrical properties of our bodies is very strange. It is all documented and there have been many demonstrations of healing with machines applying electrical fields but they were always outlawed; governments decreed that they were not proper medicine. This was done in all the industrial countries. All medicine had to be biochemistry or it was unacceptable. Biochemistry isbeing the science behind pharmaceuticals always caused side effects and huge trials were needed to find the side effects. Any attempt to offer biophysics working in harmony with the body rather than poisoning it resulted in the same demands for huge trials even though there were no side effects to be found. The Biochemists had found a way to control healing leaving chronic disease uncurable. It looked more like a business plan than healthcare [2].

Review of Literature

Many experts are now referring to biochemistry as Rockefeller medicine in memory of the oil tycoons who exploited energy and then saw a way to dominate medicine by sponsoring all medical training and telling the politicians, who are generally ignorant of medical matters, that medicines to be swallowed or injected were safe and everything else was a quack. The British have a law from 1939 called the Cancer Act prohibiting advertising a cure for cancer. Anyone who can cure cancer faces prosecution if they publicly announce their skills. Biochemistry has only three products: vaccines, antibioticsanti-biotics and anestheticsanaesthetics. Everything else in syringes, bottles, vials, and packets does not work

These laws have caused billions of deaths. Only acute illnesses are cured at approved hospitals. They have nothing for chronic disease. Diabetes has no cure, only synthetic insulin to keep the patient going but not returned to full health. Multiple aches and pains cause suffering in billions of people. Even covid-19 does not yet have a pharmaceutical cure, only a vaccine as a protection. All this is nothing compared to the cancer situation where chemotherapy has a success rate of 2.5% and enormous costs. A few years ago, it was recorded in the USA that the expenditure on a cancer patient was $200,000 a year and they died in the fifth year.

This sum included doctors, drugs, and finally a hospice where the patients wereare sent to die. Meanwhile,Meanwhile the charity scam of begging for money to fund research for a magic pill to cure cancer continues. The researchers are looking through microscopes to find the weakness in a cancer cell through which they can encourage a poison to enter and kill the cell. The behavior of the cell is ignored.

With electricity being a fundamental quality of reproductive life on earth, it is surprising that the electrical properties have not been investigated. TheyIn fact, they have but only by private, financedpersonally financed researchers. No government funds have gone to academics or businesses to learn more about the electrical properties of cells. The independents such as Royal Rife in America, Bjorn Nordenström in Sweden, and Steve Haltiwanger in the USA have all been castigated and ejected from mainstream medicine despite proving towith countless patients that they had a cure for cancer. There are many more and when I was contacted by Lee Cowden, I was warned because the doctors who called themselves integrative medicine practitioners had disappeared. This was a euphemism for assassinatingassassinated. It turns out that not only were patients dying, but but those who tried to cure them were killed. Like any murder mystery, follow the money.

I had discovered that CellSonic cures cancer in 2016 [3]. The patient is still alive and normal. He was our distributor in Bangladesh and is still complaining that our machines are too expensive. They saved his life. A yearyear or so later when delivering a lecture to professors at Bradford University, I learned they attachedI learned that they attached a lot of importance to Dr. Steve Haltiwanger’s paper on the electrical properties of cancer cells [4]. A copy was pinned to the wall in the office of Professor Simon Shepherd. For me, this was aa eureka moment.

There are three forces generated by the CellSonic VIPP machine: pressure, light, and an electrical field. The three happen simultaneously in a pulse lasting a billionth of a second. The electrical field is caused by 25,000 volts shorting across of a gap of one millimetermillimetre inside the applicator that projects the forces forward to the body. The linkLink that betweento a cancer cell havinghaving a voltage across its membrane of -10 mV and a healthy cell’s voltage being –75 mV and howthe means by which CellSonic lifts the cancer cell’s voltage instantly to a healthy state became obvious. No drugs are used so there are no side effects [5].

The CellSonic technology has evolved from lithotripters cracking kidney stones for the last forty years without side effects. Millions of patients in most hospitals in all countries have been treated successfully. Lithotripsy is the only case of biophysics used in medicine on a large scale today for treatments. Scans and x-rays are biophysics but these are only diagnostic, not cures. There had never been any drugs to treat kidney stones so lithotripters did not conflict with biochemistry.

This information formed the Sapiens Shield plan. Persuading the establishment that cancer can be cured was a waste of time. They had been told countless times before and always rejected the offer of help. I was advised many times not to use the word cure. It would be contested in court. The threat was implicit [6].

The demand for cures is amongst the people. Politicians call them the little people. At election time, they call them voters. People are in direct contact with other people all the time. They have smartphones permanently glued to their hands. Aunts, uncles, parents, children, and lovers all know what everyone had for breakfast. Illness is highlevelhigh level gossip. Cancer means death. In many countries, the word is not used. Maybe the big C or the unmentionable. To say cancer is to invite the evil eye. Nevertheless, it is fear, anxiety stress, and a death sentence. Tell a person that cancer can be cured and they will ask their doctor, “Is this is true”? They are told, “It is unlikely. There are many quacks selling snake oil.” Doctors have never even heard of biophysics. The plan has to avoid the establishment and not mention cancer. Chronic disease is alright. Aches and pains are understood.

Patients who were cured of cancer by CellSonic have bought machines to set up their own clinics based on their own experience. When they tell their personal story to those with cancer, they are convincing. Many with cancer have learned that the establishment with chemotherapy does not work. A CellSonic treatment always works. The patient is diagnosed from head to toe. Regardless of where the patient says the cancer is, the CellSonic doctor will check because cancer is always spreading and the diagnosis will find tumorstumours smaller than can be seen in scans. Blood tests do not show where the cancer is. With a felt-tippedfelt tipped pen, the patient is marked where cancer is indicated. The CellSonic machine then zaps those places and the diagnosis confirms that the cancer has ceased and the cells are now functioning healthily at full voltage. Therefore, every patient leaves a CellSonic clinic without cancer and this has been reported infrom different countries with all types of cancers since 2016 [7, 8].

Anyone who has been found to have cancer has had it growing inside them for ten or more years. Everyone should be checked to find cancer and other ailments before the person knows they have it. A diagnosisdiagnose and cure with CellSonic taketakes 20 minutes. At a rate of three an hour with checks required twice a year, a clinic can handle a population of 8,000. In a town of that size, it is possible to walk from the outskirts to the centercentre and back. Checks have to be done forever. Cancer can be found and stopped and the person remains oblivious to the fact that the cluster of cells proliferating inside them would have eventually killed.

From the inspection room, the person proceeds to the second room to meet granny, an empathetic, smiling old lady. Every cancer case we find, when the truth comes out, was caused by stress. The immune system was disabled for enough time for the tumorstumours to grow. Hopefully, a stressed person gets over their problems and life goes on but not if the tumortumour continues growing.

It now seems that most cancer patients have had severe stress and many of them have a dental infection. The dental check is done and treated in the first room as part of the first stage. Getting to the confessions of stress is the tricky and essential part. If any stress remains, and it usually does, the cancer will be switched back on. This expression “switched back on” I am hearing many times. It is as though the cancer is a light bulb switched off by CellSonic and on again by the fearful patient. I hear it so many times that the psychological trauma of cancer has become a science of its own [9].

The granny (short for grandmother) is the old lady who herself will have seen life in all itsit pleasures and horrors and still smiles. She is someone you can talk to. We can train them on what they are looking for but how they find it is down to their social skills. When I have consultations with a cancer patient they seldom take less than an hour. Get them talking and listen. Never criticizecriticise. They are victims. What they are telling you is a secret and they need to share it with someone. They need love. We have to select these grannies. They are in all communities and they don’t know how important they are. It may be a man but more likely an older woman.

If the person asks if cancer was found, we have to be truthful and tell them otherwise we say we saw something that needed attention and just zapped it.

What should not be forgotten is that CellSonic kills covid-19 in all variants. Aim at the nasal passages, throat, and lungs. A treatment takes ten minutes. Any antibodies that formed are left providing some immunity.

After a year, no new cancer cases will have been reported in the small town. This will be the first time in history thatand the town’s records can be compared with similar towns. Why cancer should have stopped in this town and not in others is a topic for the smartphone gossipers. The word will spread. People talking to people. More interesting than the burnt toast they had for breakfast. The news is true because it came from a reliable source, friends, and relatives. It is good news. The media never carries good news so don’t tell them.

Every family knows someone in another country. The news will spread. Eventually, the news hounds will hear about it and investigate. They are sure there is a scam. Trained investigative journalists look for criminals. Their search will lead back to the CellSonic clinic where they will be mystified. The best journalists will look up biophysics. They write Haltiwanger in their notebook. They are onto something and many will duck out when they receive a tap on the shoulder from a man in dark glasses anda bulge inside his jacket. But the fearless will persist.

That shoulder tap convinced them and the scam turns out to be the biggest in human history. Roll on Pulitzer


Sapiens Shield is the cure for chronic disease forever. Billions of dollars, euros, pounds, and lives will be saved. Then the phone rings. The government has seen how to save money. There is an election coming. It will be good for the people, let’s call them voters.