Mass media area unit tools for the transfer of knowledge, concepts, and concepts to each general and specific audience. They’re vital tools in advancing public health goals. Communication concerning health through mass media is complicated, however, and challenges professionals in various disciplines   mass media to enhance public health is like navigating a huge network of roads with none street signs—if you're unsure wherever you're going and why, chances are high that you may not reach your destination" Using mass media is harmful if the channels used aren't audience-appropriate, or if the message being delivered is simply too emotional, worry arousing, or contentious. Undesirable aspect effects sometimes is avoided through correct formative analysis, data of the audience, expertise in linking media channels to audiences, and message testing. Sophisticated societies area unit captivated with mass media to deliver health info. McLuhan calls media "extensions of man." G. L. Kreps and B. C. designer believe media extend "people's ability to speak, to talk to others far-off

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