Tumors are gatherings of strange cells that structure knots or developments. They can begin in any of the trillions of cells in our bodies. Tumors develop and carry on in an unexpected way, contingent upon whether they are harmful (dangerous), non-carcinogenic (generous) or precancerous. Malignancy can begin in any piece of the body. At the point when malignancy cells structure an irregularity or development, it is known as a carcinogenic tumor. A tumor is harmful when it develops into close by tissues, has cells that can split away and travel through the blood or lymphatic framework and spread to lymph hubs and removed pieces of the body. Disease that spreads from the primary spot it began (called the essential tumor) to another piece of the body is called metastatic malignancy. At the point when malignant growth cells spread and form into new tumors, the new tumors are called metastases. Precancerous cells are irregular cells that may form into malignant growth in the event that they aren't dealt with. A portion of these cells have mellow changes that may vanish with no treatment. However, some precancerous cells pass on hereditary changes and step by step become increasingly more anomalous as they partition until they transform into malignancy. It can require some investment for a precancerous condition to form into disease. Precancerous changes can be gentle to serious.  

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