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 A skin prick test, likewise called a cut or scratch test, checks for sure fire unfavorably susceptible responses to upwards of 50 distinct substances without a moment's delay. This test is generally done to distinguish hypersensitivities to dust, form, pet dander, dust parasites and nourishments. In grown-ups, the test is typically done on the lower arm. Kids might be tried on the upper back. Hypersensitivity skin tests aren't excruciating. This kind of testing utilizes needles (lancets) that scarcely infiltrate the skin's surface. You won't drain or feel more than mellow, fleeting inconvenience. In the wake of cleaning the test site with liquor, the medical caretaker draws little checks on your skin and applies a drop of allergen extricate close to each stamp. The person in question at that point utilizes a lancet to prick the concentrates into the skin's surface. Another lancet is utilized for every allergen. To check whether your skin is responding ordinarily, two extra substances are scratched into your skin's surface: Histamine is in a great many people, this substance causes a skin reaction. On the off chance that you don't respond to histamine, your sensitivity skin test may not uncover a hypersensitivity regardless of whether you have one.  Glycerin or saline is in a great many people, these substances don't bring on any response. In the event that you do respond to glycerin or saline, you may have delicate skin.  

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