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 Blood gracefully and waste     The blood gracefully of the rectum changes between the top and base segments. The main 66% is provided by the predominant rectal vein. The lower third is provided by the center and second rate rectal supply routes.   The predominant rectal conduit is a solitary course that is a continuation of the second rate mesenteric supply route, when it crosses the pelvic edge. It enters the mesorectum at the degree of S3, and afterward parts into two branches, which run at the parallel back piece of the rectum, and afterward the sides of the rectum. These then end in branches in the submucosa, which get together with (anastamose) with parts of the center and second rate rectal corridors.   The microanatomy of the mass of the rectum is like the remainder of the gastrointestinal tract; to be specific, that it has a mucosa with a coating of a solitary layer of segment formed cells with mucous-discharging challis cells scattered, laying on a lamina propria, with a layer of smooth muscle called muscularis mucosa. This sits on a fundamental submucosa of connective tissue, encompassed by a muscularis propria of two groups of muscle, an internal round band and an external longitudinal one. There are a higher grouping of cup cells in the rectal mucosa than different pieces of the gastrointestinal tract.   The coating of the rectum changes pointedly at where the rectum meets the rear-end. Here, the coating changes from the segment molded cells of the rectum to numerous layers of level cells

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