Psychiatry is a therapeutic field that includes researching, diagnosing and managing mental health conditions. A person's mental wellbeing is affected by a variety of influences that are both individual-specific and linked to psychological, cultural and family relationships. Mental well-being has many elements, including positive self-esteem, coping abilities and the development of resilience.

A psychiatrist is a physician who is responsible for diagnosing , treating, managing and preventing mental health and emotional problems. The psychiatrist completes four years of compulsory medical school education before specializing in the psychiatric field. A counselor typically has an advanced degree, often in clinical psychology, and also requires comprehensive study or professional experience training. Psychologists use psychotherapy to treat mental disorders and some specialize in psychological testing and assessment.

Psychiatrists utilize a range of therapies – from specific types of psychotherapy, drugs, psychosocial strategies and other procedures (such as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT), based on each patient's needs.

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