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 The Mining and Extractive metallurgy is the process that  practice of removing valuable metals from refining and an ore to extract   the extracted raw metals into a purer form. The field is an engineering , covering all aspects of the physical and chemical processes wont to produce mineral-containing and metallic material. The practice of extractive metallurgy nearly always involves contributions from other scientific fields, like analytical chemistry and mineralogy. Sometimes extractive metallurgy produces a finished product, but more often it produces a form that requires further physical processing.  These specialties are generically grouped into the categories of mineral processing: Mineral processing manipulates the particle size of solid raw materials to separate valuable materials from materials of no value. Since many size reduction and separation processes involve the utilization of water, solid-liquid separation processes are a part of mineral extraction . In order to dissolve an ore in an aqueous solution, it is often necessary to break the large chunks into smaller pieces, thereby increasing the surface area and the rate of dissolution. . Pyrometallurgy involves heat processes where chemical reactions happen among gases, solids, and molten materials.   some smelting processes, by the direct application of electricity

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