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International Journal of the Respiratory and Computational Science Medicine is an open access and bimonthly journal which globalizes the awareness of this medicine and clinical information freely without any subscription for the online users. We process and accept all types of articles including original papers, reviews, short commentaries, case reports and many more. Many journals may includes specialists, pharmacologists, the scientists and professors. Published articles undergo a detailed process by professionals with the same backgrounds. We truly welcome our kind suggestions from the readers which are within the scope of the journal. The journal mainly focuses on the journal and respiratory health. Focus topics include the lungs, respiration, respiratory diseases, epidemiology, treatments and therapeutic interventions. Tobacco usage, family history, obesity, HIV/AIDS, diet, and chemical exposures that are the major risk factors for respiratory diseases constitute a significant portion of the scope of thejournal. Through open access, published work is freely available, and upon acceptance and formatting, becomes immediately available to other professionals.    

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