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  Neuropharmacology is the scientific  study of the effects of various drugs on the nervous system,It is focused on the development of compounds(drugs) which shows beneficial effect on individuals who suffers from various neurological diseases or psychiatric illness.It is the study of drugs and their targets that will influence the functions of the nervous system that includes the parts like brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves of body parts and its health and disease.The field of Neuropharmacology  requires an depth knowledge of the nervous system functions and how it reacts to the drug ,as well as the way in which each drug acts upon neural circuits and alters cellular behavior & eventually the human behavior.The objective of neuropharmacology in general is to understand the basic functioning of impulses and signals within the brain in order to determine the drug actions to treat neurological disorders and drug dependence.The goal of neuropharmacology is to apply the  information about drugs & their mechanisms of action to develop safer, more effective treatments , eventually curative & preventive measures for a host of nervous system abnormalities.    

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