Neuroimaging or brain imaging is that the use of assorted techniques to either directly or indirectly image the structure, function, or materia medica of the system. it's a comparatively new discipline among medication, neurobiology, and scientific disci Neuroimaging refers to the employment of imaging and different techniques to make pictures of the living human system. X-rays were and still area unit valuable for detection fractures and different bony abnormalities, however they are doing not show the soft tissues of the system itself. use. Researchers use a range of neuroimaging tools to review the brain. CAT (CT) scans area unit oblique X-ray slices that show the density of brain structures. resonance imaging (MRI) uses changes in electrically charged molecules in an exceedingly force field to make pictures of the brain antielectron emission tomographic (PET) imaging of the brain has been used for several years in analysis and clinical settings. ... PET neuroimaging has several applications to be used in neurodegenerative disorders, movement disorders, and medical specialty conditions  

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