Glucose Metabolism

 Glucose within the blood diffuses into the protoplasm and is latched there by phosphorylation. A aldohexose molecule is then rearranged slightly to laevulose and phosphorylated once more to laevulose diphosphate. These steps truly need energy, within the sort of 2 ATPs per aldohexose. The laevulose is then cleaved to yield 2 aldehyde phosphates (GPs). within the next steps, energy is finally discharged, within the sort of 2 ATPs and 2 NADHs, because the GPs ar oxidised to phosphoglycerates. one amongst the key enzymes during this method is aldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase (GPDH), that transfers a atom from the general practitioner to coenzyme to yield the energetic NADH. thanks to its key position within the glycolytic pathway, organic chemistry assays of GPDH ar usually accustomed estimate the glycolytic capability of a muscle fiber. Finally, 2 additional ATPs ar made because the phosphoglycerates ar oxidised to pyruvate. Pathological conditions during which the glucose can't be maintained inside the conventional vary  

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