Metabolism In aerobic respiration, the most sort of metastasis employed by humans, aldohexose and element area unit metabolized to unharness energy, with carbonic acid gas and water as byproducts. Most of the levulose and sucrose travel the liver, wherever they will be born-again to aldohexose. Muscle Physiology - aldohexose Metabolism. 2 completely different pathways area unit concerned within the metabolism of glucose: one anaerobic and one aerobic. The anaerobic method happens within the protoplasm and is barely moderately economical. The aerobic cycle takes place within the mitochondria and is ends up in the best unharness of energy The human liver possesses the outstanding ability to provide aldohexose that's free to the circulation and employed by different tissues, significantly in periods of abstinence. viscus aldohexose production DErives from polysaccharide breakdown (glycogenolysis) and from de novo synthesis of aldohexose (gluconeogenesis). Glucoregulatory hormones embody hypoglycaemic agent, glucagon, amylin, GLP-1, glucose-dependent insulinotropic amide (GIP), hormone, cortisol, and internal secretion.

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