Clinical images - Imaging in Medicine (2019) Volume 11, Issue 2

Genital Self-mutilation In Schizophreni

Corresponding Author:
Amrani Souhli O
Department of Urology University
Hospital Center Hassan Ii, Fez, Morocco
E-mail: [email protected]


self-mutilation ■ penis

A 35 y old man, followed in psychiatry for undocumented schizophrenia with a history of attempted suicide that led to amputation of the left leg. Admitted to emergencies for genital selfmutilation by knife dating back to 16 hours, the examination found a hemodynamically stable patient, a penis amputated at its base without active bleeding (FIGURES 1 and 2). The patient is sent to the operating room for attempted reimplantation of the penis which failed because of the delay in admission to emergencies, a suture of the 2 cavernous bodies associated with a cutaneous urethrostomy are performed (FIGURE 3). The postoperative evolution is favorable without complications.


Figure 1.


Figure 2.


Figure 3.

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