Free Radicals

  Free Radicals (FR) are substances that derive from incompletely oxidated compounds that have undergone partial burning and that have, in their structure, oxygen groups capable of initiating, at the surface of the cell membranes or even within the cells, aggressive oxidation reactions. FR result from both processes occurring in the body (incomplete catabolism, energy production, hepatic detoxification, etc.) and the outer environment (cigarette smoke, polluted air, foods, medicines, well/tap water, etc.). Radicals are generated within the initiation stage; they participate in a sequence of propagation reactions in which the number of radicals is constant; they are later on destroyed during the chin interruption stage. Identifying FR can be done through spin electronic resonance. The spin electronic resonance (electronic paramagnetic) method is based on the spectroscopic observation of some transitions between different energy levels depending on the electronic spin orientation. From an electric point of view, FR has a level-headed character (they generally have no charge).  

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