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 Geochemistry studies approaches, contents and distribution of chemical elements in herbal materials. Lately, geochemistry has received in significance with studies of environmental changes as outcomes of anthropogenisation. Exciting are comparisons of chemical composition of sampling media between natural unpolluted environments and the polluted ones, which were modified by way of human pastime. The outcomes of geochemical studies are represented as geochemical maps in numerous scales. A geochemical map is the idea for expertise chemical characteristics of a place, and it is a device for tracking changes prompted by using human hobby. Facts accrued on geochemical maps monitor a few primary traits of an area, which might be frequently not represented via other geological and geophysical facts. In addition they help comprehend the difference among herbal and altered kingdom of the environment. From time to time they permit direct challenge of a polluted area and on the same time the evaluation of nearby history of the investigated chemical elements. the overall data is the basis for the evaluation of the source and extension of pollutants, planning in addition investigations and making plans remediation measures. Geochemists look at the composition, shape, techniques, and other bodily components of the Earth. They examine the distribution of chemical elements in rocks and minerals, as well as the movement of those factors into soil and water structures.

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