Bone Cysts

Bone cysts are fluid-filled areas inside growing bone that have not developed into osseous tissue or actual bone. Benign (noncancerous) bone cysts generally do not cause pain, but if they are large enough they can weaken the bone and cause it to fracture. This type of fracture is called a pathologic fracture, a fracture in weakened bone caused by a force that would have otherwise not caused damage to normal bone.  Most often bone cysts resolve with time. Repeated X-rays are usually done to make sure the cyst is getting smaller. If a pathologic fracture occurs, the cyst may need to be surgically cleaned and then packed with bone graft to fill in the bone and encourage bone healing. A bone cyst may not need treatment if it's small and not causing any problems. They often get better on their own, especially in children and teenagers. You may have regular X-rays for a few years to check your bone is healing and the cyst isn't getting bigger. It normally takes at least a few months for the bone to heal. You may need to avoid activities or sports that could damage the bone until it has healed.    

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