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point when a framework is demonstrated by conditions, the qualities that portray the framework are called boundaries. For instance, in mechanics, the majority, the measurements and shapes (for strong bodies), the densities and the viscosities (for liquids), show up as boundaries in the conditions demonstrating developments. There are frequently a few decisions for the boundaries, and picking an advantageous arrangement of boundaries is called parametrization.   For instance, on the off chance that one were thinking about the development of an article on the outside of a circle a lot bigger than the item (for example the Earth), there are two normally utilized parametrizations of its position: rakish directions (like scope/longitude), which conveniently portray enormous developments along hovers on the circle, and directional good ways from a known point (for example "10km NNW of Toronto" or proportionally "8km due North, and afterward 6km due West, from Toronto" ), which are regularly more straightforward for development bound to a (generally) little zone, as inside a specific nation or area. Such parametrizations are additionally applicable to the modelization of geographic regions (for example map drawing).          

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