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 An anaerobic organism or being is any organism that doesn't need atomic number 8 for growth. it's going to react negatively or maybe die if free atomic number 8 is gift. In distinction, AN aerobic organism (aerobe) is AN organism that needs AN ventilated surroundings. Anaerobes could also be animate thing (e.g. protozoans,[1] bacteria[2]) or cellular. we have a tendency to so return to the exceptional conclusion that, unquestionably, Van Anton van Leuwenhoek in his experiment with the totally closed tube had cultivated and seen real anaerobic microorganism, which might happen once more solely once two hundred years, particularly concerning 1862 by Louis Pasteur. That Anton van Leuwenhoek, 100 years before the invention of atomic number 8 and also the composition of air, wasn't awake to the that means of his observations is intelligible. however the actual fact that within the closed tube he ascertained AN exaggerated pressure level caused by fermentative microorganism and additionally saw the microorganism, prove in any case that he not solely was an honest observer, however additionally was ready to style AN experiment from that a conclusion might be drawn

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