The oxidative stress state in hypertension patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Ola Kamal A Alkadir, Abed J Kadhim*, Mona N Al-Terehi Bayader M Abd Afl�?�??�?�?�?¢??Kadim

Oxidative stress have potential role in some disease like diabetes mellitus and the long period of oxidative exposure led to disease complications like hypertension and cardiac disease, the present study conducted to evaluated oxidative stress state in DM 2 patient with hypertension to detect the role of OS in diabetic complication, Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and TAOal antioxidant (TAO) levels were detected in patients serum, the results show that the hypertension were observed in high age than other group in non-significant differences P (0.109), the BMI was slightly varied between groups at P (0.574). Non-significant differences appeared in FBG and HBA1c with slightly decreasing at P (0.780 and 0.068) respectively. Significant differences P (0.000) for SYS and DIA were observed; the TAO showed low decrement in patients DM+HP and slightly elevation in ROS in same group in non-significant differences P (0.676, 0.736) respectively. The correlation coefficient between groups show that the ROS non-significant weak correlated with SYS and weak inverse with DIA in DM group. While in DM+HP group; non-significant inverse weak correlation with SYS and DIA were observed. TAO was weak invers correlated with SYS and weak positive correlated with DIA in DM and DM+HP, significant invers correlation observed between TAO and ROS in both groups, the present study concluded that the ROS elevation and TAO decrement were related with hypertension in DM patients.