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Diabetes Management Journal intends to publish peer-reviewed, original articles that address the global health concerns related to diabetes. It provides clinicians with the latest findings and opinions on the optimum therapies to check the ever expanding diabetes. It is an open access, online, international journal with a primary objective to reach the readers and researchers globally.

Diabetes Management presents findings, analysis and commentary on the battle with Type I and Type II diabetes. Articles published in Diabetes Management address improvements in current therapeutics and patient compliance together with perspectives on future prospects. Coverage focuses on the key objective of stabilizing blood glucose levels in individuals with either form of the disease, and the associated issues of patient co operation and education. The journal also reflects the frontiers of current research, such as attempts to recreate pancreatic cells through stem cell technology or islet cell transplantation, the development of a vaccine for Type 1 disease and the potential for biomarkers to be used for the detection. The increasing understanding of the molecular basis of the disease and associated genetics will play an important part in future diabetes management.

The journal encourages broader research perspectives including Clinical Care, Education and Nutrition to fight diabetes. The journal also focuses on aspects involving Psychosocial Research, Epidemiology, Health Services Research on Emerging Treatments and Technologies to deal with Pathophysiology, Complications, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk.

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Research Article p. 101-108

Short-term efficacy of incretin-related drugs among Asian patients monitored by glucose area under the curve calculated without blood sampling

Author(s): Keisuke Kosugi*, Kenya Sakamoto, Kazutomi Yoshiuchi, Toshiyuki Sato, Seiki Okada, Yasuhito Ohnishi, Hiroyuki Koga, Kazutoshi Tokunaga, Chihiro Suminaka & Hiromu Nakajima

Objectives: To maximize the benefit of diabetes treatment, appropriate monitoring of the effect and modification of therapy plan is crucial. Among existing indices, only few are known to be ..