Scientific Journals On Bioactive Compounds

 Bioactive compounds are the natural molecules synthesised by marine organisms, plants, animals, etc.These compounds are being used for variety of applications by human beings. The plant bioactive food compounds which are derived from the plant sources that are called as bioactive compounds. The  very  best example is mushrooms which is highly nutritious for health. Bioactive active compounds plays a important role in human being, that is used to produce anti-cancer drugs. The protein remains synthesised by plant or animal is called bioactive peptide, these fragments help in functioning and synthesis of living tissue etc. Most of the fermented products  which  are also referred as bioactive compound or peptides which are being used as for  all dairy products. Some of the factor which affect the organic activity of bioactive compounds include chemical properties, types of bonding in each molecule apart from its arrangement, inductive effects, transfer of electrons, physicochemical properties and  resonance,.