Practice Research

 The basic foundation of practice research is building theory from practice and not only from academia. The approach is predicated on a mix of research methodology, field research and practical experience.   In most cases in welfare work it's impossible to look at and initiate a probe process solely from a researcher‘s point of view, because he or she is usually under the influence of the political and institutional context that frames the phenomenon or the difficulty focusekv d . within the words of Gredig and Sommerfeld: ‘If we wish knowledge domain, and particularly empirical evidence, to play a good role in professional action, then we've got to concentrate on the contexts where the processes of generating knowledge for action actually take form, that is, on the organizations engaged in social service.’ (Gredig and Sommerfeld 2008:296). The place to begin of this text is that research closely connected to, and under the influence of, practice, with the aim of improving such practice, is of the identical prime quality as research characterised by distance between researcher and also the subject. The interface between practice and research, and therefore the degree to which these processes mutually interfere, are even more important than in other research processes.

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