Polymethylpentene (PMP), conjointly called poly(4-methyl-1-pentene), could be a thermoplastic chemical compound of 4-methyl-1-pentene. it's used for gas-permeable packaging, autoclavable medical and laboratory instrumentality, microwave parts, and cooking utensil. it's unremarkably known as TPX, that could be a trademark of Mitsui Chemicals.   Polymethylpentene melts at ≈ 235 °C. it's a awfully tenuity (0.84 g/cm3) and is clear. it's low wetness absorption, and exceptional physical science and electrical properties. Its properties area unit fairly almost like those of different polyolefins, though it's a lot of brittle and a lot of gas porous. The chemical compound conjointly encompasses a high thermal stability, wonderful material characteristics and a high chemical resistance.[1] The crystalline part encompasses a lower density than the amorphous part.   In comparison to different materials getting used for operational in rate vary, TPX shows wonderful optical properties with a wavelength freelance index of refraction of one.460±0.005 between actinic ray and 100~GHz. Applications embrace asdic covers, speaker cones, supersonic electrical device heads, and light-weight structural components. it's conjointly authority compliant to be used in food process machinery. Polymethylpentene is commonly utilized in films and coatings for gas-permeable packaging. Because of its high temperature and sensible temperature stability, polymethylpentene is employed for autoclavable medical and laboratory instrumentality, microwave parts, and cooking utensil. It is conjointly usually utilized in electrical parts e.g. diode molds as a result of it's a superb electrical nonconductor. TPX could be a arduous, solid material, which might be automatically formed into varied optical parts like lenses and windows. conjointly specifically TPX is employed in greenhouse emission optical maser wired molecular lasers as associate output window as a result of it's clear within the whole THz vary and completely suppresses the ~10 μm pump radiation.  

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