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 Perception may be a traditional print journal covering all areas of the perceptual sciences, but with a robust historical emphasis on perceptual illusions. Perception may be a subscription journal, free for authors to publish their research as a typical Article, Short Report or Short & Sweet.Scholarly journals, also mentioned as Academic journals. These journal are regularly published journals which are associated with a selected academic discipline. Scholarly articles are written by scientist or researchers supported authentic, innovative and native research done by the scholar. Scholars publish their articles to speak and share their research. These journals are usually understood and accessed by students, academicians or experts from the related field because the content are going to be highly specific and not grasped and followed by all. These are subjected to peer-review by editorial board members who are highly qualified therein particular field. Perception may be a process of registering sensory stimuli as meaningful experience. The differences between sensation and perception have varied consistent with how the terms are defined. a standard distinction is that sensations are simple sensory experiences, while percepts are complex constructions of straightforward elements joined through association. Another is that perception is more subject to the influence of learning. Though hearing, smell, touch, and taste perceptions have all been explored, vision has received the foremost attention. Structuralist researchers like Edward Bradford Titchener focused on the constituent elements of visual perceptions, whereas Gestalt psychology has stressed the necessity to look at organized wholes, believing humans are disposed to identifying patterns. Visual objects tend to seem stable despite continually changing stimulus features (such as ambient light, perspective, ground vs. figure arrangement), which enables an observer to match a perceived object with the thing because it is known to exist.  

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