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 Perception Scholarly Open Access Journals. ... These journal are regularly published journals which are associated with a selected academic discipline. Scholarly articles are written by scientist or researchers supported authentic, innovative and native research done by the scholar.To explore authors' attitudes towards open access publishing and author charges, their perceptions of journals that charge authors, and whether or not they would be willing to undergo these journals. Semistructured telephone interviews. 28 randomly selected international authors who submitted to the BMJ in 2003. Authors were more conscious of the concepts of open access publishing and author pays models than previously reported. most authors supported the concept of open access, but few had submitted to an open access journal, aside from the BMJ. Reasons for not submitting included lack of awareness of which journals publish with open access, and journal quality taking a better priority in deciding than the supply of open access. Authors disliked the thought of author charges without institutional support and were concerned about implications for authors from developing countries and people without research funding. However, many said they might probably still undergo journals they perceived as being of top quality albeit they charged authors. Authors consider perceived journal quality as more important than open access when deciding where to submit papers. New journals with open access may have to try to to more to reassure authors of the standard of their journals.  

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