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Health care is an information-based science. Much of clinical practice involves gathering, synthesizing, and acting on information. Medical informatics is the field concerned with the management and use of information in health and biomedicine. This article focuses on the problems that motivate work in this field, the emerging solutions, and the barriers that remain. It also addresses the core themes that underlie all applications of medical informatics and unify the scientific approaches across the field. Health Informatics is a discipline of science, which deals with intersection of information science, computer science, medical informatics, health care informatics. It is applied to many areas of science like pharmacy, dentistry, public informatics is one of the rapidly growing areas, in the field of health care sector. Health informatics is about getting the right information in the easiest the concept of health Informatics consists of use of technology it has got a significant importance. Health informatics combines the field of medicine, information technology, and science and information technology. The most important purpose of health informatics is to deliver the effective health care to patients. It also includes technology advancement in drug discovery, Dentistry and Pharmacy.Health informatics is a specialized field within the healthcare industry that combines communications, information and healthcare with the goal of improving care delivered to patients. It involves using health information systems in collecting, storing, retrieving, analyzing and utilizing healthcare information for a variety of purposes.

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