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 As a guaranty within the Journal Author commercial enterprise Agreement you create with US, you need to acquire the mandatory written permission to incorporate material in your article that's closely-held and command in copyright by a 3rd party, together with – however not restricted to – any proprietary text, illustration, table, or alternative material, together with knokwledge, audio, video, film stills, screenshots, notation, and any supplemental material. It is the custom and apply in tutorial commercial enterprise that the copy of short extracts of text and a few alternative kinds of material could also be permissible on a restricted basis for the needs of criticism and review while not securing formal permission, on the idea that: • the purpose of quotation or use is objective and proven critical criticism or review (not just illustration); • a quotation is reproduced accurately, either at intervals quotation marks or as displayed text; • full attribution is given. However, a quotation from a song lyric or a literary work, whether or not used as Associate in Nursing epigraph or at intervals the text, can continually need written permission from a copyright holder. Our commercial enterprise agreement with you needs that you simply should acquire written permission to breed any content, particularly image content, in your article, once that content is closely-held and command in copyright by a 3rd party. you ought to conjointly acknowledge and attribute the third party in your article. once content isn't proprietary, that is, once it's command within the property right, you need to still attribute it properly.    

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