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The nervous and immune system are in constant conversation, but only now information is being marketed on how these two essential systems are integrated and functionally cooperative at the molecular level. Most of the latest work in this field has emphasized the role of immune cells and immune mediators in initializing and progressing common neurological disorders, such as multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer's. But how did autoimmune T-cells get in the brain and lead to neurological disorders? Could serum antibodies have an effect on brain function? That question is still under study process. The open access journals are Neurological Disorders scholarly journals. The journals are freely accessible on the public internet domain, enabling any end user to read, print, copy, distribute, prink, search or link to the articles' full texts. To meet the insistent need of the scientific community, these include high quality, closely reviewed, and rapid dissemination. All journals are indexed with all of the citations they have mentioned. The top open access journals in MEDLINE, PUBMED, SCOPUS, COPERNICUS, CAS, EBSCO, and ISI are indexed.    

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