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 Mental disorders (or mental illnesses) ar conditions that have an effect on your thinking, feeling, mood, and behavior. they'll be occasional or long (chronic). they'll have an effect on your ability to relate to others and performance day by day.There ar many alternative styles of mental disorders. Some common ones includeAnxiety disorders, as well as anxiety disorder, psychoneurotic disorder, and phobiasDepression, emotional disorder, and alternative mood disorders.Eating disordersPersonality disorders,Post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychotic disorders, as well as schizophreniaYour genes and case history Your life experiences, like stress or a history of abuse, particularly if they happen in childhoodBiological factors like chemical imbalances within the brain. A traumatic brain injur .A mother's exposure to viruses or harmful chemicals whereas pregnantUse of alcohol or recreational drugsHaving a heavy medical condition like cancerHaving few friends, and feeling lonely or isolated The causes of psychological disorders don't seem to be famous, however variety of things ar thought to influence their development. These factors embody chemical imbalances within the brain, childhood experiences, heredity, illnesses, antepartum exposures, and stress.  

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