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 Molecular pathology is associate degree rising discipline at intervals pathology that is concentrated within the study and identification of unwellness through the examination of molecules at intervals organs, tissues or bodily fluids.   Molecular pathology shares some aspects of follow with each anatomic pathology and clinical pathology, biology, organic chemistry, genetic science and biological science, and is typically thought-about a "crossover" discipline. Its multi-disciplinary in nature and focuses in the main on the sub-microscopic aspects of unwellness. A key thought is that additional correct identification is feasible once the identification relies on each the morphologic changes in tissues (traditional anatomic pathology) and on molecular testing. It is a field that encompasses the event of molecular and genetic approaches to the identification and classification of human diseases, the planning and validation of prophetic biomarkers for treatment response and unwellness progression, the condition of people of various genotypes to develop disorders. Molecular pathology is usually employed in identification of cancer and infectious diseases. Techniques square measure various however embody quantitative enzyme chain reaction, multiplex PCR, desoxyribonucleic acid microarray, in place interbreeding, in place polymer sequencing, desoxyribonucleic acid sequencing, and protein primarily based technique tissue assays, molecular identification of pathogens, and analysis of microorganism genes for antimicrobial resistance. Integration of "molecular pathology" associate degreed "epidemiology" LED to a knowledge base field, termed "molecular pathological epidemiology" (MPE), that represents integrative molecular life and population health science.

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