The term pathology itself reveals the scope and subject of the topic dealing with the general study of diseases, their diagnosis, treatments, remedies, and includes the study of a wide range of field-related aspects. Fields of bioscience research and medical practice also fall within the Journal of Clinical & Experimental Pathology 's wide research scope. It deals with the diseases, their identification, diagnosis, prognosis studies, and clinical effects of these diseases and their importance to modern medicine. It focuses on the disease-causing niche areas, their rapid diagnosis, and related outcomes. Pathology focuses on areas such as coagulopathy, thromboelastography, immunology, virology, hematopathology, anatomic pathology, leukocyte extravasation, proteoglycans, nephropathy, hemostasis, anatomic pathology, medical methods used for pathological analysis, diagnosis and cure of diseases, clinical pathology, forensic pathology, pathology, coagulopathy, etc. Cellular pathology is a diagnostic service that appears either from tissues or fluids in the body's cells. By observing the means of organizing the cells, however, they need to develop and how they function, it is possible to work out whether a patient has an unwellness, and inflammation.


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