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 Fabrics square measure utilized in the medical sector for a range of reasons, for everything from patient slings to dressings. many completely different physical properties square measure needed and Baltex continues to supply materials that boast breathability, flexibility, comfort and waterproofing, among many different options. Here at Baltex, we've used our 183 years of expertise of material and material development to bring innovation to the health care and medical sectors for the past ten years. we tend to style and develop high performance technical unwoven materials to make sure that workers will perform even higher at their jobs which patients get the simplest doable service. Baltex is proud to be serving to improve the service that patients receive by activity technical materials square measure utilized in a good vary of finish product, including: •           Patient "Lifting Slings" •           Hospital laundry baggage •           Treatment and interference of pressure sores product •           Wheelchairs covers and seating •           Medical mattresses •           Orthopaedic support bandages and compression medical care merchandise •           Wound care dressings •           We work closely with our customers and perceive their specific necessities. This has LED to a good vary of materials with a mix of various parameters. •           Face masks treated with infectious agent Off end •           Surgical drapes •           Medical scrubs treated with infectious agent Off end   The yarns offer North American country the proper base for the event of effective materials: •           Polyester •           Coolmax •           Lycra •           Cotton

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