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 DOAJ may be a white list of open access journals and aims to be the start line for all information searches for quality, peer reviewed open access material. DOAJ is usually cited as a source of quality, open access journals in research and scholarly publishing circles.A DOAJ Membership may be a clear statement of intent and proves a commitment to quality, peer-reviewed open access. DOAJ is co-author of the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing (Principles) and DOAJ members are expected to follow these principles as a condition of membership.The Journal applies the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to all or any submissions published. This license enables open access – specifically, free immediate access to original works of all kinds . Under this license, authors comply with make articles legally available for reuse, without permission or fees, for virtually any purpose. Anyone may copy, distribute or reuse these articles, as long because the author and original source are properly cited. Additionally, the journal platform to publish research articles is Open Source.The majority of educational journals are now published online and make their articles available by means of a paid subscription or via membership arrangements (for example, a tutorial library). Broadly, Open Access (OA) implies unrestricted access to peer-reviewed scholarly research via the web .  

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