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 Industrial engineering is that the branch of engineering that involves deciding the way to make or do things better. Industrial engineers are concerned with reducing production costs, increasing efficiency, improving the standard of products and services, ensuring worker health and safety, protecting the environment and complying with government regulations. They "work to eliminate waste of your time, money, materials, energy and other commodities," consistent with the Institute of commercial Engineers. for instance , industrial engineers may go to streamline an OR , shorten a roller-coaster line, make assembly lines safer and more efficient, and speed up the delivery of products .As the emergence of advanced technologies like AI is reshaping all sectors within the market, new approaches are necessary to assist manufacturing companies to urge ready for the longer term faster. The digital transformation of producing forces employees to adapt their working habits. This adaptation also requires a change in learning and teaching approaches for upcoming employees. This paper analyzes industrial management qualification and identifies the need for improving approaches in educational programs. Game-based learning is one among the tutorial approaches to market learning for the digital transformation by setting goals, constraints, and payoffs. 

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