Evolutionary Biology (Biology)

 Evolutionary Biology is devoted to the read that organic process theory could be a unifying framework for the biosciences. The journal could be a forum within which essential reviews, original analysis, commentaries, and moot views square measure brought along to contribute to bigger understanding of the origins and variety of life. This vision reflects the first intent of the series organic process Biology, 1st printed in 1967 as a forum within which a number of the foremost necessary papers in organic process Biology appeared. The topics varied greatly and plenty of the papers were artificial in nature. Though some existing journals alter numerous aspects of organic process biology, organic process Biology fills the necessity for a journal that remains faithful the vision and intent set out by Dobzhansky et al. however that's custom-made to today's publication atmosphere. Organic process Biology provides a pay attention for broad syntheses, in-depth treatment and moot ideas.   ·          Evolutionary Biology can publish original articles and reviews that address problems and subjects of core concern in organic process biology. All papers should build original contributions to our understanding of the organic process. ·          The journal can stay faithful the first intent of the first series to supply an area for broad syntheses in organic process biology. Articles can contribute to the present goal by process the direction of current and future analysis and by building abstract links between disciplines. In articles presenting an empirical analysis, the results of those analyses should be integrated among a broader organic process framework. ·          Author’s square measure inspired to submit papers presenting novel abstract frameworks or major challenges to accepted ideas. While brevity is inspired, there's no formal restriction on length for major articles. ·          The journal aims to stay the time between original submission and look on-line to among four months and can encourage authors to revise quickly once a paper has been submitted and deemed acceptable.  

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