Composite Materials

 A stuff (also referred to as a composition material or shortened to composite, that is that the common name) may be a material made of 2 or additional constituent materials with considerably completely different physical or chemical properties that, once combined, manufacture a cloth with characteristics completely different from the individual. Composites, additionally called Fiber-Reinforced compound (FRP) composites, square measure made of a compound matrix that's strengthened with Associate in Nursing designed, synthetic or fibre (like glass, carbon or aramid) or alternative reinforcing material The most vital reason why we want composite materials is that the versatality in their properties that allows them to be applied in sizable amount of fields. alternative reasons square measure their light-weight weight, corrosion resistance and sturdiness. Ceramic matrix - Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) square measure a subgroup of composite materials. Metal matrix - Metal matrix composites (MMCs) square measure composite materials that contain a minimum of 2 constituent elements – a metal and another material or a unique metal.  

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