A Simple biopsy could help to spot men with prostatic adenocarcinoma who are less likely to reply to treatment or more likely to relapse, research has suggested. The liquid biopsy – a non-invasive, less painful test than commonly-used tissue biopsies – could lead to tailored treatment for those in the advanced stages of the disease, scientists said. Biopsies is a necessary pressure for people with cancer. Taking a small sample of tissue and send it by genetic and molecular analysis can help doctors not just diagnose cancer, but also learn more about its inner workings to seek out the simplest treatments supported which mutations are feeding the disease. But tissue biopsies are invasive, and counting on where the tumors are within the body, they will be painful to get . for a few people, there might not even be enough cancer tissue for doctors to urge the answers they have . In the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting in Atlanta, researchers reported that a billboard biopsy , called a liquid biopsy, was a minimum of as effective as a sample of tissue at identifying important mutations in non-small cell lung cancers.         

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