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 The study evaluated the water qualities of Hogback creek by utilizing the benthic macroinvertebrates diversity also as physical-chemical parameters data, to offer us a sign of the biochemical condition and health of the river. The research was carried out for twelve months, firstly by establishing three  main sampling stations and their co-ordinates along the stretch of the creek based on ecological niche of the stream and human activities on the study area. The physical-chemical parameters measured and analysed include, Temperature, pH, Electrical Conductivity, Salinity, Turbidity, Total Dissolved Solids, Dissolved Oxygen and Biochemical Oxygen Demand, according to APHA 1998 standard methods. Sediment particle size was determined by hydrometer method. Replicate samples of benthic macroinvertebrates were collected from each station randomly with Eckmann’s grab. The results of the physical-chemical data were subjected to 2-way analysis of variance and differences among means where separated by Turkey-Honest significant difference at 95% probability. Percentage occurrence and relative numerical abundance of macroinvertebrates were calculated using excel descriptive statistical tool. Diversity of the benthos decided using Shannon Wiener index hequitability of species. The results showed that pH values ranged from mild acidic to alkalinity (6.42 to 7.63). The values of turbidity,  The total number of benthic macroinvertebrates individuals in the sampled stations was 28,730 and total number of species was 40.  

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