Ankylosing Spondylitis

 Ankylosing spondylitis is associate disease that, over time, will cause a number of the tiny bones in your spine (vertebrae) to fuse. This fusing makes the spine less versatile and might lead to a hunched-forward posture. Autoimmune disease (AS) could be a chronic disease of unknown etiology that primarily affects the sacroiliac joints, spine, hips and, less normally, the knee joints. Autoimmune disease usually affects young adults, most ordinarily males (M:F = 3:1) in their second through fourth decades. Spheroid joint involvement in AS typically ends up in severe deformities and together with a stiff spine, ends up in additional deterioration in operates. For patients with fastened humped spinal deformities, hip involvement, and therefore the ensuant development of flexion contractures limits their ability to steer and additional compromises their posture resulting in severe practical impairment in some half-hour of patients.  

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