A surgical suture is a medical technique utilized to keep body tissues together post an injury or surgery. Suture application involves the use of a needle with a length of thread attached to it. There are a variety of types, sizes, shape and materials of the thread which have come in to utilization over time. All medical personnel like surgeons, dentists, eye doctors, physicians, nurses, medics and veterinarians utilize sutures. Surgical knots are used to secure sutures. Sutures can be classified based on absorbability and material. Sutures which are absorbable don’t require to be removed as they are assimilated by the tissues by enzymes. Non absorbable sutures require to be removed after sometime or they can be left permanently in certain cases. Suture material can be a monofilament a single strand allowing them to pass trough tissue easily or can be braided which are made of multiple small strands which can be of better strength and security but can cause infections. The various type of absorbable sutures are Gut, polydioxanone, poliglecaprone and polyglactin. The various non absorbable sutures are nylon, polypropylene, silk and polyester. All suture material are graded on their diameter indicated by letter “O” followed by a number .Higher the number ,smaller is the diameter of the strand. The needle used can be of various sizes and may or may not have a cutting edge. Bigger needles are used to close more tissue and smaller needles will be used to prevent scaring.

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