Current state-of-art and future perspectives in diagnostics: Raman studies of the adipose tissue

Author(s): Haoyang MD

The adipose tissue has been shown to have untapped medicinal promise in recent decades. Targeting the perivascular adipose tissue, which surrounds blood arteries, can help avoid cardiovascular diseases, and browning of the adipose tissue can be a useful weight-loss tactic. Therefore, to examine this tissue, new analytical methods are required. In comparison to traditional analytical approaches, this study discusses the most recent advancements in a number of Raman-based techniques for the identification and quantification of adipose tissue. Analysis of PVAT, examination of adipose tissue pathological alterations in model systems, and potential applications for its characterisation in the clinical setting are of special focus. The paper critically examines the possibilities and restrictions of Raman methods in adipose tissue-targeted diagnostics and prospective future applications in general.