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 World Health information processing may be a growing multidisciplinary field that mixes analysis ways and applications of technology to boost health care systems and outcomes. health care systems face several challenges together with a growing population, the increasing quality of care services, and restricted resources to deliver services. These challenges would require a lot of innovative approaches to scale health care services to larger numbers of individuals. This chapter outlines health information processing systems that are developed to handle these issues. health care services face growing challenges as a results of apace growing populations, individuals living longer with chronic diseases, advanced treatments involving a lot of health care suppliers, and a restricted variety of resources to manage these growing challenges. the planet Health Organization has according that between 2008 and 2030, nontran smissible diseases (WHO, 2008) can dramatically rise worldwide with the burden being the most important in developing countries (Reardon, 2011). With the advancement of life science, treatments are getting a lot of advanced, and patients with diseases like cancer, diabetes, asthma, and vas diseases live longer with these conditions and seeing multiple health care suppliers. The global organization estimates that the worldwide population aged sixty years and older is anticipated to over triple by the year a pair of050 and can reach 2 billion individuals (UN, 2015). In 2050, a quarter mile of the world’s population can sleep in countries with a minimum of 2 hundredth of the population aged sixty years or older, and one in four individuals can sleep in a rustic wherever over half-hour of individuals ar higher than aged sixty years or older. This growing old population would require a lot of health care services and care coordination.